sho Quiz | The Poetry of Lee Kisling


Soon to be published in Oberon Poetry Magazine


the architecture doesn’t matter

this is not my real life                                                                        

             from Autobiography, by Kazim Ali





Medulla oblongata:                                                                                          turned in his keys

Cerebellum:                                                                                               staring out the window

Amygdala:                                                                                                  tossing cards into a hat

Hippocampus:                                                                                         won’t answer the phone

Hypothalamus:                                                                    broke down by the side of the road

Thalamus:                                                                                                      drumming his fingers

Frontal lobe:                                                                                                 counting railroad cars

Parietal lobe:                                                                                                     can’t find his shoes

Temporal lobe:                                                                                                    moved to Alberta

Broca’s area:                                                                                                   lost in the high grass

Occipital lobe:                                                                     laughing, then crying, then laughing

Corpus collosum:                                                                               heaving stones into the sea


(match one item from the left to one item on the right)