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Poems and Piano: The Leon Compositions

  On August 3, I was given the opportunity to perform two original piano pieces at The Phipps Center in Hudson. My best pal, Dan Bushman, recorded the performance. We are a long way from Carnegie Hall, obviously…. Read More

Updates in the New Year

Good news from Wisconsin! Lee had 21 poems accepted for publication in 2014! They will appear in these journals, and will be added to the webpage after they appear. Thanks to: Stoneboat Literary Journal Oberon Bryant Literary Review… Read More

How the Music Came to My Father

Soon to be published in Sixfold   How the Music Came to My Father Sort of a miracle, you might say because I never saw or heard him practice. Just one day there he was playing an accordion in… Read More

Kindly Give Up

Soon to be published in Sixfold   Kindly Give Up Kindly give up these seats for the elderly and the daft, arthritic abuelos singing pharmacy songs. Kindly give them up. Where they have been you are going. Where… Read More


Soon to be published in Sixfold    Borrowings Here is the imaginary library where you can borrow a father—a book you didn’t finish. Old books about fathers and grandfathers with brittle pages, pictures and maps of Kansas and… Read More

Write 50 Times

Write 50 Times Soon to be published in Sixfold (for Dave Moses) 1. I will not chew gum in class. I will 2. not chew gum in class. I will 3. not gum in class chew. I will… Read More


Soon to be published in Oberon Poetry Magazine   Forever Forty years ago in a Congregational church, having no sense of proportion, we promised to love each other forever. At that time in my life, remember, I didn’t… Read More


Soon to be published in Oberon Poetry Magazine   the architecture doesn’t matter this is not my real life                                                                                      from Autobiography, by Kazim Ali   Quiz     Medulla oblongata:                                                                                          turned in his keys Cerebellum:                                                                                               staring out… Read More